Low-Stress, High Fun Gifts

December snow angel
Happy December! Li'l Buddy made me this snow angel to keep up my spirits while shoveling this weekend.

Rocky Mountain Yarn Naming Contest:

So many of you contributed thoughtful and appealing names that Hasmi's asked for some extra time to deliberate!

 Holiday Knitting:

If you want to cast on now for some special gifts, no problem!

For super-quick one-or two day projects, may I recommend:

Light side view
The Serendipity Earband; knit in a small amount of chunky yarn, this one goes fast!

Turned to the side one scarf
The clever and warm One Scarf can be made in even chunkier yarn just a day or two.

  E frilly cuffs 3
And the Frilly Cuffs use silk for the sophisticate on your list.

Tonight Li'l Buddy and I are going to stir up our first batch of Gingerbread cookies.




3 thoughts on “Low-Stress, High Fun Gifts

  1. Hello! I have a question regarding the Serendipity Earwarmers. I am a somewhat new knitter, and am struggling with the M1. When you M1, do you knit that, or purl it? It does not specify so I have been knitting them and I don’t think it looks right- so I am guessing there is a way to know which to do!

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