Wish you were here and a winner!

August silver beach
Every year we visit Michigan for our summer trip; we arrived the other day just in time for a lovely sunset over Lake Michigan. The kids, of course, only meant to dip their feet in and ended up soaked; that's vacation!

August lake
Then there was a lot of enjoying the small lake with Grandpa and his boat.My childhood of artistic unpredictable income never included such a thing as a Boat, though we did take canoe trips once a year, which I loved.  Now that I'm grown up, speed faster than a person running generally pushes my nervous button, so I'm still getting used to this thing called Motor Boat Fun, but the kids have no such qualms, and MIke showed us he can still tube and waterski, even on one leg! What a guy.

Downtown St Joe's really revitalized and this year opened up a refurbished classic carousel; of course, I grooved on the beautifully-carved horses and festival colors. I do love the circus, you may have noticed…

August carousel

Thanks to everyone who entered the SpringTree Road Handspun contest; mushegoo, came out the lucky knitter!

For the next stop on the Knitcircus Giveaway-palooza, check out Prostiturtle's blog for a chance to win  hand-dyed sock weight yarn from Yarn Hollow and Knitcircus Pattern Collections for your own vacation or stay-cation knitting!

Next week. more giveaways, and sneak peek photos from the pattern shoots, plus a designer interview.

Hope you're knitting in the shade,



2 thoughts on “Wish you were here and a winner!

  1. I LOVE sunset photos. And that is a really, really good one! It looks like you guys had a great vacation. That carousel is super cool too. I also have always had a fondness for carousels. I have pictures on “my horse” at Bay Beach. If someone else road “my horse” I got back in line and waited until the next group could go on. I was a machine operators worst nightmare. Oh well…I was easy to please. Riding “my horse” was simply enough. To be a little one again…

  2. Ha ha! It’s nice to win, once in a while. Thank you! I wasn’t sure who “mushegoo” was.
    Jaala, you know that it’s me, Laurie from Lorenzo Knits A Tomato, right? My wordpress name is MESHUGEMOO and I can’t sign in with my regular name. How do you like the stitch markers?

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