Brilliant Book and Sneak Peek

Shannon Okey's written exactly the book I wanted to read on making a living in handknitting. Informative, honest and warm, her Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear design is a must-read if you're a designer, tech editor, knitting teacher, podcaster, or dedicated knitter.


We've got an accomplished designer reviewing the book more in depth in the Winter issue; I just love it so much I couldn't wait to say that it's brilliant, insightful and a gift to everyone trying to make it as a fiber pro these days. Thanks for sharing all of your experience and eye-opening interviews with heaps of designers like Annie Modesitt and Franklin Habit, Shannon.

One reason the blog's been so quiet is the quiet riot of activity here pulling the Fall issue together. The August Fourth release is almost upon us, and everyone's working like squirrels storing nuts to finish up their projects for the biggest and best issue we've ever produced!  Modest, right? But seriously,it's busting with twenty-four knitting patterns, two of them free, not to mention a free sewing pattern, Wendy Johnson's first column and interviews with Soulemama, Adrienne Martini and Cat Bordhi.

How about a sneak peek?


Clover sockmedium 

Beachcomber vest

Argentine front 

This issue's going to be fun, too, because you'll have chances to win free Fall 2010 Pattern Collections, Knitcircus Subscriptions, knitting and sewing books, luxury yarns by Handwerks and a big surprise I can't reveal yet as part of our Fall Giveaway-palooza.

Stay tuned, and for now, stay cool if it's as hot and muggy where you are as it is in southern Wisconsin (or hotter, you longsuffering East coasters)…Fall and knitting weather are just around the corner.



2 thoughts on “Brilliant Book and Sneak Peek

  1. Sweet! I am seriously considering becoming an independent dyer. Too many years of not finding exactly the colors I want have left me yearning to give it a go. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome book. I cannot wait for the fall issue! Hope the arm is doing well and isn’t too itchy. Remember no wire hangers do the cast!

  2. Yes, good advice about the hanger, the docs told us that, too. The biggest threat to the cast this morning was guinea pig nibble. 🙂
    It’d be great if you decided to become and indy dyer; we’d review your yarn for sure!
    oxo jaala

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