Handwerks Yarn Giveaway!

Handwerks yarns1

A special Yarn Crawl today spotlights  independent dyer Laura, creator of Handwerks Textiles.  She shares her yarny history and new ideas and has generously offered not one, but two skeins of gorgeous yarn for our readers.

Handwerks' luxury yarn lines include Classic Sock, Necessary sock, Silky Sock, So-Soft Sock,and Classic Dk. We're going to get to give away a skein each of  the last two, her new lines!

Our designers get to play with the other
two, so watch for her yummy Superwash Merino and luxury blend colorways in featured
patterns for the Fall and Winter issues.

Handwerks 5

Not just for many-hued fibers, the Handwerks site offers information and classes on Circular Sock Machines and a nice array of for-purchase and free patterns, such as the Lacey Scarf shown below as well as a Sock Club (current one's closed, but I'm sure there'll be more in the future).

Lacey Scarf

Now, without further ado, let's settle in and hear from Laura.

Handwerks yarns 3

Tell us a
little about your yarns, especially the ones we get to give away, please!

 So-Soft-Sock is my
repeatable line of sock yarn in a soft-yet-strong blend of superwash merino and
cashmere. It also has a touch of nylon for extra strength. When I first started
carrying this yarn I thought of it as a luxury blend but it is now becoming my
favorite all purpose blend. I’m currently knitting a cardigan for myself out of
it holding two strands of yarn together. It’s wonderful and I love the way
knitting with two strands blends the colors. It is, of course, also perfect for
socks! All of the colorways can be reordered.

Classic DK is a new weight of yarn for Handwerks.  I decided to offer DK yarn for those people
that want a heavier weight yarn for socks as well as mitts, scarves, sweaters,
and baby items. DK is such a versatile weight;  I’m enjoying dyeing this yarn in
small batches and not taking extra time to make notes on my dye process. This
allows me to dye in a more serendipitous manner and I can pass on some savings
to my customers.  I don’t plan to repeat
dyelots of this yarn exactly, so what is on my website is what's available.

Handwerks yarns 2

How'd you
get started with your fiber business?

My Girl Scout leader taught me to knit a headband on a
circular needle when I was nine.  I grew up
in Madison, WI so after the headband I went on to knit mittens and hats.  My grandmother also helped me along the way;
I just never quit knitting.  In college
in Minnesota I started designing my own patterns, combining stitches for
scarves, mittens and sweaters.  Later,
when I lived in Washington DC, I started teaching knitting at a LYS and I started a
small business, Wee Woolens, designing and machine knitting children’s
sweaters.  A few years later when we
moved to California and I started spinning, weaving and dyeing yarns. I’ve
since dabbled with weaving baskets, raising angora rabbits and knitting on
antique circular sock machines.  After my
kids went off to college I decided it was time to start another small business.

Handwerks started in 2007. I chose
the name Handwerks to allow me to pursue all kinds of textiles made by hand.  I also teach out of my home studio and judge
spinning at local fairs. Besides selling hand dyed yarns I sell hand cranked
socks and handwoven textiles.  Handwerks
brings together my past business experience, training in the sciences, teaching
skills and lifelong interest and talents in fiber arts.

Handwerks 7

Tell us
about your approach to color and what inspires your color choices.

My colorways are inspired by my surrounding. I like to mix
and combine colors that I see as well as play on themes.  Handwerks yarns always have several colors in
one yarn. I find layers of color with shades and variations more interesting
than solids. I start with primaries and keep mixing until I am satisfied with
the results. I also try to strive for yarns that have a handcrafted appeal. My
goal always is to dye something beautiful and unique and I try to dye a range
to appeal to a varied audience.  I always
wanted to have the biggest crayon box I could when I was little and I like to
offer that kind of choice to my customers for their knitting pleasure.

Handwerks 6

 What's next
for you and Handwerks?

I always have something new in the works. Lately I’ve been
writing more patterns for my sock yarn club and also working with a local
designer on her patterns. I’m also expanding my yarn lines and playing with new
colorways and dye techniques.  I don’t know
where all this will lead but I’m enjoying the process and looking forward to
the next opportunity and adventure.

Now, because of Laura's generosity, Knitcircus readers will win two of the four skeins you've seen pictured on the post; one each of Classic DK and So-Soft Sock. And here's a bonus; if you're the winner, you get to pick your colorway!

For Classic DK, you'll find Sumac (top) and Riverbank:

Handwerks 5 

And with So-Soft Sock, you can choose Monterey Cypress (top) or Peach Blush.

Handwerks 11 

To enter, just leave a comment telling me either your favorite sock pattern from the current issue or one thing you're planning on knitting as a holiday gift this year.Since this is such a great giveaway, I'll give you plenty of time and will let the Random Number Generator of Yarny Love pick a winner this Friday. Three lucky runners-up will receive a free Knitcircus Summer 2010 Pattern Collection download. Please leave your Ravelry name or email in your comment so I can contact you if you win!

This is a big week; if you'd like more free goodness from Knitcircus, the online newsletter's coming out Wednesday; look for a fun book review and a new recipe! You can sign up for the newsletter mailing list here or at the top right on the blog.

Good luck, and thanks so much to Laura and Handwerks!

ETA: the giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

84 thoughts on “Handwerks Yarn Giveaway!

  1. I knit so many things for Christmas last year, and it was so hectic doing so, that I’m doing my best not to commit to knitting for Christmas gifts this year. However, I am partway through the Knitpicks ornament kit and will probably try to continue on that so that I can give some of those to our guests at our tree-trimming party.

  2. Scatterling. But I’m gonna make all of the socks, because they’re all great, and probably give the Lily’s Socks away for Hannukah. (rav name itgirl)

  3. I’m trying something new and crazy this year…knitting hats and cowls throughout the year to amass enough knitting gifts for xmas. I know! Crazy! But I’ve got 3 hats and one almost finished cowl so far. Of course now that I’ve said this… On the sock front? Well…I did mention the hats and the cowls? They’ve kinda sorta taken over recently…

  4. I love the Tachimawari socks from the current issues. As for holiday knitting, I’m thinking of knitting my mom a Sunrise Circle jacket from IK for Christmas – need to get started on that soon.

  5. I love the Tachimawari socks from the current issues. As for holiday knitting, I’m thinking of knitting my mom a Sunrise Circle jacket from IK for Christmas – need to get started on that soon.

  6. I’m knitting sweaters for my children this summer, maybe as Christmas gifts or if I’m really productive, back to school! Love the colors in the DK line. Ravelry name is bluegal

  7. I love Sugar Bay. Very lovely for summer!
    And THIS year, after 2 years of Christmas-knitting-angst, I’m not going to be knitting gifts for anyone! I’m SarahJS on Ravelry.

  8. I, too, love the Scatterling pattern. Now I just need me some sock yarn ^_~.
    My brother who lives in the Pacific Northwest rocks a mohawk some months and he just had a little boy – so I’m going to knit my new nephew his own mohak hat to be just like Daddy, but warmer.
    ~esmeraldasecho on Ravelry

  9. I like the Tachimawari socks, but it could very well just be the colorway. Wow! I’m also loving the shading of these Handwerks yarns. Gorgeous. nitro9 on ravelry

  10. I haven’t decided on gifts for Christmas, yet, but our local knitting group is going to knit up a bunch of candy canes, and scatter them about locally for decoration on trees and bushes.
    – ArgentFool on Ravelry

  11. I really liked the Sugar Bay and the Scatterling patterns from the latest issue. I can’t think about Holiday knitting yet because I’m working on a Chinook Shawl for a July birthday!

  12. I’ve only ever knit one pair of socks and they were super-basic… SIZE 13 for my father, so my Christmas knitting: Hoodwink for my Mom! lots more, they are all queued… Is it too early to start!

  13. I’d like to knit both Tachimawari and Scatterling. I love knitting socks, and am about to start my 150h pair, so either of those would be a good choice for them.

  14. My pick would be Scatterling; I really like Hunter’s patterns.
    I don’t really plan knitting for the holidays. If it happens, it happens!
    (ravelry name is also dianac)

  15. Tachimawari. They are simple, yet unique. And that’s the beauty of these. So very Japanese-ish. Gosh, but my DH would love a pair of socks in this design!
    (Anoriell on Ravelry)

  16. I found this through an ad on Ravelry. My favorite sock pattern is “Rosie Socks”. They have a heel I haven’t seen before.
    laceandcables on Ravelry

  17. This is a hard choice, but in the end I’ll say say Pavonia–maybe because this pattern also perfectly suits what I was looking for for one of my holiday gifts. AddieM

  18. I love Lily’s socks. This pattern and Handwerks beautiful yarn might actually get together and push me into the sock knitting that I have been dancing around wondering how to begin.
    On Ravelry, I am Badgersmama

  19. Laura – your colorways are just sumptuous! I’m planning at least one pair of socks for Captain America, my husband, for Christmas, also his birthday, so maybe two pairs! He is notoriously hard to please – he might well like Samtterling though. I’m bookmarking you so I can come back for some yarn when I’m feeling a bit less strapped.

  20. Truthfully, I would love to try any of Cookie A’s sock patterns. I love the way they look when they’re finished, but the intricacy always makes me feel like my sock skills aren’t up to par.
    I’m hoping to have some blankets and scarves done for Xmas this year.

  21. I am very fortunate that I learned how to read and click buttons. I have been clicking, going back and forth, up and down, all in hopes of being able to post on this Blog for a skein of to-die-for yarn! What a wonderful journey I have been on. I feel like I discovered Pandora’s Box for socks! Bunny

  22. This is my first visit. I love your beautiful yarn. So glad my girlfriend led me to this website. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to post this message, but I will come back again.

  23. Wow what beautiful colors,makes me feel creative 🙂 I am a beginner but would love to try the Tachimawari pattern, the story behind it is just great and fun!
    claysmom10 on raverly

  24. I have soooooooo many scarves and shawls on my “to do” list that any yarn I win will be quickly put onto my busy needles!~ I have a scarf pattern “Firefly” I believe, that I think will be a beautiful design using some of these colorways, as would Traveling Woman and Haruni.

  25. I love the Scatterling pattern. You have a wonderful magazine. I am also planning shawlettes for Christmas. I had better start now! Ravelry name is spinner64

  26. Let me start by saying the yarn is GORGEOUS. I am planning on making hats, mittens, and gloves this year for Christmas gifts. I am starting now, one hat done, and hope to have the other 9 done, along with matching gloves or mittens before Christmas Eve.
    yerkeb on ravelry

  27. I have recently started my first pair of socks, using the toe up method, don’t know how long these will take, so far its slow going! I would love to make “lily’s socks” have a new little girl arriving in a friends family, in a few months and I would like to think I could accomplish a pair of those adorable socks.

  28. I’m planning to knit plenty of baby things for new grandchildren. I love using sock yarn and would love to win some of this beautiful yarn. I love your magazine!!!

  29. Oh, that yarn is glorious! My favorite pattern is Lily’s socks…and Layer cake…and My Amorita…. Luckily, I have a couple of little girls to knit for:-) I’m booklady08 on Ravelry.

  30. Thanks for featuring Handwerks’ lovely yarn.
    It’s a hard choice on the sock patterns (being as they are perfect for Handwerks’yarn) but I have to go with Scatterling since I love Hunter’s patterns also. And I will make more socks for Christmas this year
    ReadingKnitter01 on Ravelry

  31. I have yet to finish both socks of an adult pair but I am discovering the joys of sock yarn for more than socks. I am knitting Damson by Ysolda for my mother for Christmas [yes, sadly I am that slow a knitter]. I’m also determined to finish a pair of footlets. Maybe I should stick with toddler socks. A co-worker with small feet keeps hinting that it wouldn’t take as long to make her some versus for my size 11 feet!

  32. Just started knitting last fall – and made 4 garter stitich scarves for gChristmas ifts. II am already working on gifts (more scarves) for this year – but no garter ones! One down and at least 7 more to go – cables, lace, interesting ribs, and more! LOVE the Riverbank DK!

  33. I’m digging Lily’s Socks. My daughter has been wanting a new pair of pink or purple socks, so those may be the ticket!
    ktbird8 on ravelry

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