Color Knitting the Easy Way and Happy Thanks

Ah, so happy about the Summer Issue; our readers have been so kind with your feedback. And I want to extend grateful thanks to all of our designers, to Cindy, whose fresh layout has brought such nice comments from our readers, to Ada for her steadfast and discerning tech editing, to Ms. SABLE, whose photography never fails, to Miss T, always writing articles with a new spin,and to Enid, who made the Summer move online so smooth.


Thanks also to Craft Culture, the Yarniad, Zknitter, StitchKitchen, Yak an' Maak and Jennie the Potter for their lovely recent giveaways and blog posts.

Stitckitchen, in particular, speaks more eloquently about the Knitcircus values and philoshophy than I do!

So , I mentioned a party favor to our lovely readers in my last post, and here it is!

Color knitting cover 

You can check out our review of Melissa Leapman's fun new book in the Summer Issue; for a chance to win a copy, just leave a comment letting me know which pattern from this issue you'd cast on in a second if the yarn and needles magically appeared in your hands (hint: this might influence a future giveaway). Five more winners will receive a free Summer 2010 Pattern Collection.

Wednesday evening (May 6th) I'll let one of my kids pick the numbers out of a hat and announce the winners. Thanks and craft on,



11 thoughts on “Color Knitting the Easy Way and Happy Thanks

  1. Socks. Definitely the socks. But only because my feet are in them 🙂
    Okay, and because they look fun and I have yet to actually make and finish a pair of socks.

  2. I would pick Sugar Bay or Constellation. Sugar Bay because I am turning into a sock nut and these are GORGEOUS. Constellation because I wanted to be an astronaut until I was like 16. I think that would be a fun way to add a little space to the everyday. My Mom would argue that I am already too spacey for the everyday…oh well.

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