Cornbread! And giveaways galore.

Friday food fun as Miss T and I continue our cooking collaboration! Miss T and I thought it'd be fun to share our family recipes
and try out each other's; our first team cooking/bogging party was my Challah recipe.
For our second collaboration, Miss T and I baked one of her family's faves. Here's her story:



Cornbread always gets an
exclamation point at my house.  It’s a beautiful, easy bread, with a comforting
flavor that I never tire of, no matter how often I have it.  My grandmother and
her sisters didn’t get sick of it, either — they made it every day.  Seriously,
every day.  They were from the South, and that’s what you did.  My
great-grandmother even made an extra pan each day to feed her dogs.  (Trust me,
dogs go ape over cornbread.)  Cornbread was so ubiquitous that they called it
simply, “bread.”  The stuff that’s baked in loaves was referred to as “white

This is the recipe that
my mom has always made.  It’s a classic Southern not-sweet cornbread, so it’s
great with chili, soups, stews and of course greens or blackeyed peas should you
be so inclined.  (I’m so inclined.)  I like to split leftover wedges of it,
toast them and spread them with jelly for breakfast.  In fact, I feel better if
I know there’s cornbread in the fridge, just in case.  For fun, I’ve tried other
recipes, but this one wins.  At my house, it’s the One True Cornbread!

Conrbread miss t

Yum. You can read more about Miss T's cornbread on the Mystery House blog and find the recipe, too!

So that's the pan Miss T baked for her family. We were eager to try it;  Mike's family also hails form the south and ate lots of cornbread, but the sweet variety, so we were curious to see how this one tasted.

April conrbread 1
It turned out yellower; I suspect we used different varieties of cornmeal.

A few people at the table, mostly small ones, weren't sure about a cornbread that wasn't sweet, but the great majority (my parents attended, too) loved its robust, springy texture and mild, salty/tangy flavor. The one holdout put honey on it and agreed that it was mighty tasty that way, too. Many people had seconds, and I ate it again for breakfast this morning:April cornbread butter

Yup. Definitely good the next day, too. I have to admit I didn't follow the recipe exactly; we had buttermilk from making biscuits Monday, so I used that in place of the milk; that may have added a little more tart/tangy tone to the flavor; next time we'll use regular milk and see how it tastes different.

Thanks so much, Miss T; that recipe's definitely going into regular rotation!

Now, for some Friday Giveaway Fun:

Lovely knitblogger Z is giving away two subscriptions to Knitcircus: check out her fun blog!

And, well, last night I dreamt that 986 people looked at the blog and not a single person wanted the book, so let's change it up and give away something 986 people would drool over. 

Remember on my trip to NYC, a certain skein of yarn was purchased at Purl Soho? Well, I've been saving that gorgeous skein for a special occasion–today's giveaway!April yarn giveaway

It's lonly available at a few select places on the East Coast, made by Farmhouse Yarns LLC. This skein features a worsted single akin to Malabrigo, called Andy's Merino II. Kettle-dyed in small batches, this skein boasts 200 yards of Raspberry goodness.

Purl yarn 

Mmm. Delicious. Like cornbread, only maybe this is for dessert.

The same giveaway rules apply:

The Knitcircus Summer issue's
coming out soon (May 1!!!) so to make sure you get notified when the
new issue goes live, plus our monthly newsletter with recipes and
reviews, sign up for our mailing list to enter the giveaway. The
signup's the top thing on the right hand column of the blog. (ETA: sorry it had disappeared temporarily! Should be easy to find now) .

If you're already on board,
please leave a comment telling me your favorite summer or gift knits!

We'll extend the giveaway through next Wednesday, April 21, when the Random Number generator will help us pick a winner. Second place will get to choose the Teach Yourself Design book or a Knitcircus Subscription, and two more winners will receive the current Pattern Collection download.


11 thoughts on “Cornbread! And giveaways galore.

  1. I have to say depending on the heat, come the dog days of August, not much knitting goes on except maybe late at night. I tend to stick with the linen, cotton and sock yarns and will find an appropriate pattern for that type yarn.

  2. Hmm…I am intrigued by this corn bread. I guess maybe I never realized that there were sweet and non-sweet versions. It makes a pretty big difference. If I was always expecting sweet cornbread, no wonder I thought some people made crummy cornbread. I think I want to try this version with the proper expectation. Hmm…
    My favorite summer knit is the one I am working on right now. It is in Berroco’s Bonsai and it is a vest of my own design. I really hope that it works out the way I picture it in my head.
    As for that yarn, love it! I have always wanted to try Andy’s Merino II, but it is really hard to find. Ages ago on the Purl Soho’s blog they made Elizabeth Zimmermann’s mitered mittens with it and they were stunning! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  3. I so wish I could figure out where the sign-up button is! It’s not showing up ANYWHERE on my Firefox browser OR maybe it’s the fact I’m 9 months preggo. Either way, I’d love to be signed up AND love the yarn!

  4. wow that yarn is just amazing, i’m usually not one for pinks but the richness of the color is mesmerizing. i can’t figure out which looks yummier, the yarn or the cornbread 😛
    i just signed up for my email subscription, or at least i think i did, i couldn’t tell if it went through or not…

  5. oooh! I would love to enter!
    I’ve been introduced to knitcircus recently, it’s fantastic! and the recipes look mouthwatering! I’m already signed up to your mailing list.
    I can imagine myself knitting something for my 4 year old niece with that yarn, pink is THE colour of the moment for her, maybe a little felted bag or a beret.

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