Baby Knitting Love

Thanks again to Heather from Craftlit for featuring us on Episode #163! So awesome.

Since yesterday brought working on photos– retouching and resizing, etc for Knitcircus #10– I got to listen to a number of my favorite podcasts, so guess what?! Probably you all know, but Nicole from Stash and Burn had her baby! Congratulations, Nicole. Woot! Apparently, she went into labor pretty much on arrival home from Stitches West.

Speaking of baby cuteness, how about a little cookie from the summer issue?

Back closer 5

Ooh, I remember those little legs…my babies had real dumpling legs. I used to love to squeeze them, though  restrained myself while on the shoot. Don't want to distract the talent, you know...But really, the lace makes them all the more irresistible.

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