Happy Saint Patty’s Day

Saint pattys 3

Leprechauns visited our house during the night and moved all of our green things around. They left green fruit on the floor in each kid's room, put green hair elastics on the bath toys, and found our Valentine's heart.

Saint pattys 1
We know it was them by the green glittery dust they left about. They also played some pranks–an eraser pet get drafted as pirate lookout

Saint pattys 2jpg 

And we found green Crocs on the rocking-chair handles.

The leprechauns didn't color the milk green, though, the kids did that themselves. Now we have lots of green milk. Mmm. Buppa also helped us figure out that the kids are three-sixteenths Irish.

Today I get to listen to Chapter 6 of Persuasion on CraftLit–how I love that podcast. English major!

This afternoon, a small photoshoot featuring a delicious baby. Or two. Baby cheeks are better than green milk any day of the week in my book!

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