Woolly Good News

Guess what?! Woolly Wormhead has a new book out!

Woolly toppers 

She shot it all on location in Italy, and of course, the cabled, twisted and otherwise well-designed hats look gorgeous on their own, and even gorgeous-er with European architecture in the background. In a few weeks, look for Knitcircus as a stop on her Blog Tour. KT's part of the tour as well, so that'll be fun.

Just got word that my Cascade 220 for the Olympic Sweater arrived at the Sow's Ear, so Mike's picking it up on his way home. As a thanks for his valiant efforts, I'm going to stay in instead of going to Late Night Knit and cuddle up to him (while knitting, of course) while watching new netflix score The Hangover.

If you haven't checked it out yet, trot over to Cosymakes for the Knitcircus Spring Pattern Collection Giveaway and stay for her great blogging!The contest runs through this Sunday.

Have a great weekend, and I hope it's looking like Spring wherever you are.


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