Small Potatoes and Surprise Giveaway


Last night we had baked potatoes, and three left over. This morning, using my dad's old trick, I cut the potatoes into small wedges and fried them up, with less oil than the original recipe by using a nonstick pan, with just enough to give the potatoes nice color.

We could hear the kids getting dressed and talking/singing/arguing, and Mike and I tried to guess their reaction. Usually they aren't excited about new foods, and first thing in the morning, making a face or at best a "No, thanks, I'll have cereal," was what we expected.

Instead, Belle followed her nose into the room, spied the pan and said, "That looks great! You found time to cook it this morning?!" 

They each took a plate full, dipped the potatoes in ketchup, and proceeded to eat every last one.

"This is the best breakfast we've ever had on a school day," Belle declared."Are there any left in the pan?"

So that's my kitchen tip for today, quick-as-a-flash-in-the-pan fried potatoes, delicious and virtuous since you upcyled last night's baked spuds. Hope your kids/S.O./friends like them as much as ours did!

Remember that great Hat-to-Head tutorial? Well, head-measuring, cooking and knitting maven Cosymakes has up not only Part 2, but Part 3 now! And,if that wasn't fun enough, she's going to be giving away a copy of the Spring Knitcircus Pattern Collection pdf download! So check the Cosymakes blog tomorrow (Thursday) to enter, or if you're already in the know, tell a friend who hasn't gotten the 20 current patterns yet.  Nothing like a fun giveaway to get things on the right track.


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