Scarf Super G

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Received my medal this weekend! Woohoo.

Several members of the Knitcircus team medaled for far more impressive accomplishments than mine; Miss Angela Jane finished the Offhand Gloves from Knitcircus Issue #8


and one of our designers knit a sweater for her son already!

In other KC news, we received one of the nicest reviews ever this morning on JP Knits; it almost made me verklempt. 

Kind of missing the excitement of doing book giveaways; how I love to unite a knitter with good words and pictures. Let's do another one this week! We've got a great copy of Simple Style

  Simple style from Interweave Press that would fit the bill nicely…

5 thoughts on “Scarf Super G

  1. Congrats! I cannot wait to cross the finish line. However, life is really getting in the way. Moving house + Olympics = Does Not Compute. I hope I get it all done. Thanks for the givaway. Knitcircus uber-generous as always.

  2. Congrats on finishing your Ravelympics project! I’m way behind on mine b/c a head cold prevented me from being able to read cable charts last week. I’ve had Simple Style on my gift suggestion list for a while now, so thanks for the great giveaway.

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