Simple Knits Giveaway


Another sneak peek from the Spring issue. Ooh, how I long to knit up a pair of these for myself!

We're getting closer and closer to our Digital Debut February 1, and Ms. SABLE and out tech editors have been doing heroic feats of brainpower. They certainly are worth their weight in cashmere.

The Help for Haiti pattern list on Ravelry has grown so long–it warms the cockles of my heart. If you'd like to help, now's the time to treat yourself to that pattern you've been coveting; for me, it was Ysolda's Vine Yoke Cardigan.

Non-knitting crafters are showing their generosity too: Allsorts is donating an embroidery pattern to this terrific online store filled with handmade goodies from letterpress cards to photo prints to handknitted garments.


Onward to the giveaway….this week, courtesy of Potter Craft, we have the popular and wonderful Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, just released in paperback.

Yarn girls

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Good luck–I'll do the drawing Monday evening the 25th, which will the first day of the Blog Tour! Yay.



44 thoughts on “Simple Knits Giveaway

  1. I am looking forward to your first online edition! The fingerless gloves look lovely; just perfect for chilly New Orleans winter mornings.

  2. Oh this is one of the books that I have checked out of the library and loved. i would love to be able to have this book as patterns in it are lovely.

  3. As a newer knitter I am in awe of all the things I see here! I want to learn to do them all… but starting small and working my way up is probably best… but the eye candy is irresistable!

  4. I am REALLY looking forward to this issue!
    I use my pdf files of patterns MUCH more than books or magazines. I can leave the pattern open on my lap top and just follow along as I lay back in my recliner. No shuffling and fumbling with paper. It is environmentally sound, and best of all, if I need to see a chart more clearly, I just use the enlarge feature!
    That way I can see only a few rows at a time, and just use my mouse (on the arm of the recliner) to move up the rows as they are worked.
    I love that people with the right phones can bring along hundreds of knitting patterns for knitting on the go, too.
    P.S. Those mitts ROCK,. I have been saving some fingering weight alpaca that will be PERFECT for them.

  5. Those fingerless gloves are going straight on my queue! I’m also looking forward to the digital edition – are there any plans to digitise the back copies?

  6. I too am interesting in seeing how the online edition works out! No sense in printing a pattern unless you are knitting it. And I can’t wait to knit those mitts!

  7. I too am interesting in seeing how the online edition works out! No sense in printing a pattern unless you are knitting it. And I can’t wait to knit those mitts!

  8. My, yes, those mitts are very nice… but you should check out Otterwise’s Wild Cherry Bark mitts, they are DIVINE in alpaca/silk blend. Not to mention just plain fun to knit, very meditative. (Not that I am pushing patterns or anything! LOL)
    LOVE the color on those, though. Looks like a trip to LYS is in order soon…

  9. Best wishes for success! Looking forward to articles of interest to enjoy and share with other crafty friends. Hugs, Donna

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