Baking Season!

Okay, I wasn't planning on blogging today, but I just got so excited. We have a great Thanksgiving tradition going, where all of the grown-ups take up the charge on a specific dish or two (Mom: apple-cranberry sauce and green jello with cream cheese; Mike, green bean casserole, Dad:turkey, my bro:mashed potatoes, etc) and I happily bake the pies. Usually we've just stuck with pumpkin, because, really, what's not to like? And, after years of practice, I make a  pie crust that does our midwestern farming/iron mining heritage justice.

But, this fall, Belle and I had made a blueberry pie using frozen berries and people wanted it again. So, sure, blueberry and pumpkin pie. Then Mike mentioned that his family is from the South, and so…what about a pecan pie? Now, y'all, have I ever tried making one? No. But I love me some Mike, so I said that I would. A discussion ensued among my extended family about how many of them like pecan pie. It turns out, none. Too gooey. And, really, with two other kinds of pie, they'll be fine. But I just stumbled across a very  promising twist on the tradition. 

Pecan pie

Oh, yes. With three kinds of pie and 14 people for dinner, we're going to be starting to roll out on Wednesday. Mmm, I can't wait.


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