Happy Halloween!


Last week, we went to Halloween at the Zoo–here Little Red Riding Hood is helping my surfer dude give us a smile. Watch for the Noro hat to appear here soon as a free pattern!

Yesterday, Belle and I spent the morning making a Fern the Green Fairy costume, which she loved so much she wanted to sleep in, but no pics yet! We've been working our way through the Rainbow Magic books at bedtime, and while I'm a little snooty about how only books I read as a kid are the good ones, they can't get enough of them.

Between soccer, a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF party (gingerbread and musical chairs are on the menu), jack-o-lantern carving plus trick-or-treating, it's going to be a big, fun pumpkin-y day around here.

We're carrying on my dad's tradition this year of buying a Giant Size Hershey Bar and then surprising one trick-or-treater with banging of pots and pans and yelling, "You're the 40th Trick-or-Treater! You won the big candy bar!" You have to arrange it so that this pleases, rather than scares, the kid in question, so some creative counting can ensue. It's also good if your own kids are back from their outing so they can bang and cheer.

Happy day, everyone! Hope it's safe and sweet–but just a little spooky.



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