Fair Weekend!

Ferris wheel

Every year, we visit our lovely friends and their dairy farm in Western Wisconsin and attend the Vernon County Fair. This was the big weekend!

We went on the Ferris Wheel (Belle and I got a little dizzy; the little guys tried to spit over the edge) and could see all of the fairgrounds spread below us. A horse and chariot race went on while we were stuck at the top briefly and we all got a big kick out of the winning horse's name, which was either Pokadona or Poke-a-doughnut.

While Mike heroically steered the kids and their wristbands between the roller coaster and bounce house, Miz P and I sneaked into town to visit Ewetopia, a great yarn store in downtown Viroqua.

Ewetopia 2

Here's Kathryn, the owner, spinning some Berocco Ultra Alpaca that I couldn't resist.

Ewetopia 1

What a woman, working with the babe in sling and everything! Check out her ingenious ball-winding solution:

Ewetopia 3

A power drill! I love it. (Note cool hat whose pattern was featured in KC #5 in the foreground. I still want to make that project!).

I was just listening to the latest installment of Stitch It podcast today, and she had purchased one of Kathryn's patterns at Sheep and Wool! I totally love that sweater, too.

She also gave the KC designers a boon–two skeins of Ewetopia sock yarn, one bamboo mix and one thicker wool. I cannot wait to see the socks they make.

Hope you're enjoying the fall,



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