Off to Stitches!

Woohoo! Tomorrow my mom and I head to north Chicago for Stitches Midwest!
These last few weeks I've been hoping that somehow, as the day approached, Stitches and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival would somehow pull themselves apart and not be on the same day, but it appears that the architects of the events all stuck to their original plans. Drat!  I'll miss Susan, Jennie the Potter, Ewetopia, chocolatesheep and a bunch of other friends–hope you have a great time.

But Stitches should be a blast too; I'll be taking the Eight Edges class and can't wait to learn some good techniques!
And, for poetangel and anyone else I know, I'll be easy to spot because of this:

Pink hair 2
 It's unexpectedly hard to take pics of your own head. 

My brother recommended Cha Cha as a place that would really know how to do color, and they didn't disappoint! My stylist Sigrid not only sported lovely lilac hair and an apron with little pink skull-and-crossbones/scissors, but she somehow freight-trained me though the process in half the normal time so I could go and pick up the kids from school.

Children love it, btw. It was funny, when I reached the playground, several little girls approached me shyly, like I was a Strawberry Shortcake doll come to life and a couple laughed out loud (in a good way).

In knitting news, I finally finished something! Whew.

Dad scarf 2
 My dad's scarf, meant to be an Xmas present last year. This holiday, I finally admit my limits and refuse to hinge my holiday gift plans on knitting. If I get things done, great, but there's got to be a Plan B–sewing, for example…
Scarf border Here's the border of the scarf–how I love Fair Isle! The scarf is my own design and was done in a burst of Kaffe Fassett inspiration with all of the blue cotton yarns I could get my hands on, many of them sadly missing ball bands now. I know there was some Valley Yarns Colrain in there, some Rowan, and some recycled denim.  My dad doesn't like wool and cotton isn't my fave fiber, so I hope he'll enjoy this scarf for years to come…

It still needs a few ends woven in and a flannel backing, but I did cast off. So it's finished, really. Right?  That means I got to cast on for Smith, and am enchanted by this little project. What a clever technique Ysolda used to create and attach the little spikes!

About the pencils in the last post–Yep, you guessed right, they're string cheese and bugles, with raisin bits stuck to the ends. We found the idea in Family Fun, which always runs good crafty projects.


4 thoughts on “Off to Stitches!

  1. I’m thinking of adding a bit of color to my hair. Not the whole thing like you did, though. Did they have to bleach it first because your starting hair was so dark? P.S. Sue bought a mug by Jenny the Potter from Jenny the Potter’s mom at Wis. Sheep and Wool.

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