Hats, Farms and a Shawl

Just wanted to let our Knitcircus readers know that we just donated to KIVA–your print and pdf purchases just helped us help a mother of three in Cambodia with her small farm. Thanks everyone!

In more outreach news, we've scheduled our Hat Circus event for Saturday afternoon, October 3rd from 2-5. We hope to get the free fleece hat patterns up on the site next week, and will donate all of the hats people make to schools in Wisconsin. Please let us know if you're interested in collecting hats in your local area!

Crop circle

In knitting news, here's a pic of something I started a few weeks
ago–this pattern by the delightful Michelle Miller, is the perfect knitting-among-people or
while-you're-waiting-for-something project–it's just lots of lovely
garter stitch at the start. The yarn is Knit Picks laceweight which Belle helped me color with Easter egg dye a while ago. The shawl was cast on before the kids demanded the
hedgehog, so it doesn't count, right?


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