Issue #7

Oooh, I can't wait, UPS will deliver Issue #7 to the high-rise headquarters of Knitcircus this afternoon!
Here's a sneak peek at some of my designs:
Pinot Noir Bolero, out of Knitpicks' City Tweed HW. I loved working with the yarn–so soft!

Raspberry2S Raspberry Parfait Mittens, worked with Araucania Nature Wool. The colors were so delectable I just had to give it a yummy, edible name.

2 thoughts on “Issue #7

  1. Aw, Jaala! I’m sorry!
    I couldn’t think for the world why my count of people at knitting camp didn’t come out right and who it was who stayed Sunday night, but not Tuesday night. Then I realized I hadn’t counted myself. I am like one of the stupid sisters in the fairy tales. The crazy thing is, I’ve been thinking about how you’re getting on with getting KnitCircus in and getting it distributed.
    A thousand pardons, please!
    I love that sweater/shrug.

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