Swatch small Right before I woke up, I dreamt that someone gave me present–when I opened it, inside the tissue was a capelet with a kind of stained-glass lozenge pattern on it.
Even though I've got plenty of knitting to do for this issue and the next, I had to give the swatch a try. The lozenges turned out just like I pictured them, but I'm not sure about the rest of the Fair-Isle patterns. Maybe a different background color, too…

In other news, people who know me in RL are aware that I've had a developing health situation for a while, which culminated in a short hospital stay June 3-4 and was resolved very satisfactorily. I've been resting at home for the last week or so, and can't push myself much yet, but am mending well. If you'd like more info, please Rav message me (jaaladay on ravelry).

During my recovery, I've gotten hooked on Project Runway on You Tube–what a blast! Now that I've burned through all five seasons, yesterday I tuned to Project Runway Canada, hosted by Iman. The Canadian challenges so far seem harder-edged (like taking clothes out of another person's suitcase and cutting them up–mean) but the designers seem like good sports, all commenting that everyone else was so talented as they go out the door.

Lilacs small Just for fun–lilac bush! It just stopped flowering a day or two ago. Every spring, I remember how gorgeous this French Lilac looks. When we take out some of our more boring bushes eventually, note to self–replace them with these.


One thought on “Dreamy

  1. Hope you are feeling better. Short Wisconsin Springtime and Summer are no time to be feeling crummy. I think the swatch looks promising, maybe you should try going into a few churches to see real life inspiration. Just a thought.

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