Hopping down the bunny trail….

Easter blog Hope everyone had a good Passover, Easter or spring weekend!
We had quite an Easter, starting with our traditional Bunny Trail, which combines kids' toys, jellybeans and chocolate eggs to lead the littles to their baskets. Buddy requested that the trail split this year and lead to separate hiding places, and the bunny must have heard him, 'cuz that's what happened. Our kids believe for real and I get so proud/protective/scared of the sweet little bubble they live in. Some say they're headed for a hard fall, but I don't know. My own belief was so strong that I still am half-convinced that Santa lives at the North Pole, even though I know who fills the stockings around here.

Buddy had a hard time later when he dropped his chocolate bunny and the ears broke off. You know how that goes. Aunt K melted some chocolate and did her best at a surgical repair, but the ears stayed off for good.
"This is a sad day for me," he kept saying. Then he fell asleep. When he woke up, the neighbors could play and the day looked better.

In knitting news, people are zipping along on the Kate Cardigan. Yay!
In case you're playing along at home, we've got new  errata  up on our website, so make sure to check it out when you get to the sleeve caps.
We're proud to say that Knitcircus has some new stores–you can now find us in Colorado!
Stop by Colorful Yarns  in Centennial, or A Knitted Peace in Littleton.
In Wisconsin, check out Loose Ends Yarn, in Mayville, and if you're near the Twin Cities, you can find us at Three Kittens Needle Arts. Thanks so much to all of our new LYS's! We couldn't do it without you.

We're in the thick of layout, tech editing and final countdown to publication on Knitcircus #6. Watch for some fun teaser pics soon!

And I've been doing some relaxing, no-deadline knitting. I started out making a review swatch for Aurucania's new sugarcane yarn, and couldn't stop working with it!
Scarf blog It's turning out to be a candy-colored, warm-season scarf for me! Shown here with some of our earliest-blooming flowers. These pink ones (whose name I forget) and our crocuses are the first we see every year. Pattern: Diagonal Lace Scarf, free from  Midnight Purls  or as a Ravelry download.

2 thoughts on “Hopping down the bunny trail….

  1. Congrats on the new stores. I’m going to see if my LYS is interested in a subscription to Knitcircus. And that yarn looks perfect for a spring scarf!

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