Happy April Fools’

This morning, the kids got up and remembered what day it was.

Here's their conversation as they got dressed for school:
Belle: Hey, it's raining outside!
Li'l Buddy: (runs to look out the window)–What?!
Belle: April Fool!

–Three minutes later–

Li'l Buddy: Hey, look, it's snowing outside!
Belle: April Fool!
Li'l Buddy: Not everything I say today is a lie.

Both: Mama, look, it's snowing outside!
Me (good naturedly): Really? Let's take a look.
(We all go to the door and open it)
Whoa, you guys are right! It is snowing!

I guess Mother Nature gets the last laugh when it's spring in Wisconsin….

I did get myself a spring present–some fancy, shiny new pins! Those little things can really lift the spirits when it's all cloudy outside.


3 thoughts on “Happy April Fools’

  1. I just wanted you to know that I love Knit Circus! I purchased an extra copy recently to send to a kitter in Spain. I am participating in a Spanish sock exchange and I wanted to send something along with the socks–something small and light and from Wisconsin. What better than Knit Circus!

  2. My mom claims that it would invariably snow on my April birthday during my childhood in Wisconsin, when she had planned a party with outdoor activities. Eventually she gave that up and planned indoor parties.

  3. I love this post! I grew up in Buffalo, NY, and your post reminded me of the day in late April when I was a junior in high school. It was our “Moving Up” day when everyone celebrated the fact that they would be moving up to the next grade (or at least hoped they would) and the juniors typically dressed up for the occasion. When we arrived at school in the morning, it was a balmy 63 degrees. However, within the next 5 hours, a cold front moved down from northern Canada and hit us, dropping the temperatures over 30 degrees and producing a light snow – and all of us girls had pretty spring dresses with only light sweaters and skimpy shoes. What a mess!

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