All Over the Map

I just want to say how proud I am of our country after this historic election. We are really taking a big step forward when our new First Family will look like this:
Barack victory blog
(apologies for not giving credit for this image–I'm not sure who created it).

In knitting news, the reality of holiday knitting, the Knitcircus deadline and the Knotions deadline all coming up a little faster than I'd anticipated has given me startitis all over the place.
 Last week I did finish and write up the pattern for a Knitcircus project which I suspect people will enjoy-I can give you a hint–the yarn starts with "Mal" and ends with "abrigo….."

Whenever I get the chance, my fingers are working away on one of my mom's Xmas gifts, the Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style.
That's one of my favorite books ever. Last year, my mom got the Misty Garden scarf, so there seems to be a theme going there.
I really will finish this one on time, because I visited the Knitting Tree and splurged on the actual kit, since my mom liked the sample they had on display so much. Scarfblog
Hmm, a bit fuzzy. But there's a glimpse of it, anyway, on the glamorous window ledge my kids use for their nature collections.

In magazine news, the Sow's Ear has sold a record number of Knitcircus magazines! Yay! Ms. SABLE delivered a dozen more last Friday at Knit Night.

In pattern-writing news, thanks, Katherine, for reminding me to get a move on with the Matryoshka Mitten pattern. The knitting's just about done, and I need to get the pattern written. I'll do everything I can to have it up by this weekend. Thanks for your patience!


One thought on “All Over the Map

  1. Did the last issue of KnitCircus go out? I never got my copy 😦 I know it was a late October mailing maybe it’s still en route.

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