I can hear the kids out yelling and laughing in the's moments like this that make the parenting deal look pretty darn good.
Summer brings us so much over-the-top color it's easy to take it for granted, so I thought I'd take a minute to appreciate the flowers from our yard:
The prairie on the side is coming along, though it needs more prairie grasses. I really like the big stands of yellow coneflower/ black-eyed Susans.Flowers blog

And here are some cut a bit too enthusiastically by the kids–I lost a few budding zinnias, but gained a dramatic vase for the coffee table….
Zinnias blog

We're sprinting toward the deadline for Issue #4–September 1! Yikes.
Then Ms SABLE and I will go into serious layout mode, and chocolatesheep and Ms Amy will get out their red pencils. We'll have some time to do this, since the kids will be in school….yes, the plan is working nicely…..
This issue looks great–it should be fat and shiny and full of knitting for the chilly fall days and the holidays ahead.

I've re-vamped the blog and added some of my patterns for sale–more coming soon!
Take care and enjoy the last blast of summer,


One thought on “summer

  1. Oooooh, it looks like you have a beautiful garden! Just out of curiosity, since you mentioned that you have a prairie garden, have you ever heard of the Badlands Prickly Pear? I saw them years ago while traveling and they were gorgeous. I asked a local what they were, so maybe I have a common/regional name. I have never been able to find them. Well, have a great rest of summer. School has already begun for me.

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