Garden delight

Earlier this spring, my dad had a truckload of Good Dirt delivered to our front yard, and we ferried it round back in wheelbarrows. Now the plants in our garden boxes are growing like gangbusters.
It took us a while to figure out why nothing would flourish in our soil until one of our neighbors told us what happened–when the University sold our neighborhood to developers, they took all the topsoil away first. So all of our grass and gardens scrabble it out on the subsoil. It’s hard clay.
But now our garden looks practically tropical. At least to my happy eyes…
Beans blog
Green beans…..
Berries blogRaspberries ripe in a few days…we’re going to make freezer jam this year.

Last night, Mike and I made a rice and chicken pilaf with mint, basil, peas and zucchini from our garden.  Luckily, we have leftovers for lunch.

In zine news, the Monster burped a couple of times, but he did make some copies of Issue #1, so we have those available now. And the printer says they’ll ship our Issue #3’s tomorrow! I can’t wait.



2 thoughts on “Garden delight

  1. I just love the Matriska gloves/mitts. Being of Russian origin I love finding things that help me remember my heritage, can’t wait to see the matching hat. knitting huggs, Linda

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