And it’s off

….to the printer’s! 

My brother and SIL demonstrate the romantic possibilities with a knitted bracelet….

That’s right, no more basement print jobs for us. Knitcircus Issue #3 headed out for a real print shop and we’ll get a box of precious zines in the mail hopefully late next week.

And here, the talented Ms. SABLE models the Plum Shrug–I went to the Knitting Tree this morning and purchased yarn to cast on one for myself.

I’m very happy with the issue, and with the tremendous work put in by Ms. SABLE–that woman is fearless behind a keyboard! Chocolatesheep swooped in with a much-appreciated flurry of edits for the final go-round, using her eagle eye to good effect.

The printers are working their magic, and we should have magazines next week.


4 thoughts on “And it’s off

  1. Congratulations! I think I am going to have to get this one for sure. Speaking of which, do you do back issues? I live in Milwaukee and would hate to not have a complete set of the next KnitKnit! I actually work in a yarn shop in Mil-town too, so I can show the owner if you like/would be okay. I saw you plus your fabulous Malabrigo hat at The Harlot, I’ve been reading ever since. (Note…purchased Little Lovely colorway less than a month later, damn Malabrigo).

  2. Hi, Katie,
    Aww, shucks, you’re so sweet.
    I’m tickled that you remembered me (and my Malabrigo crush) from the Yarn Harlot!
    I am going to print some back issues,now that you’ve gotten me in gear!
    How about this–I’ll post on the blog when I get them ready–should be soon! I’m going to try to make some copies of #1 today, in fact.
    Take care & thanks,

  3. That would be awesome. Thanks so much. Does it say in Knitcircus how to submit patterns? I have a couple of ideas, but I don’t always know where to get things published/test knit. Thanks again.

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