Happy Belated Earth Day

Img_0051The kids and I hosted an Earth Day party today, with the weather providing everything one could hope for–70’s, sunny and a slight breeze.
Li’l A helped me color the frosting for the cake, which turned out pretty well. The Central American countries got a little shortened, but a neighbor was impressed at being able to identify Hudson Bay and Greenland.

So much fun! the kids each asked a couple of kids from their classes, and for the rest we just invited neighbors as we saw them walk by. Since Mom and I visited the plant store yesterday, we even got to give each kid a little pansy in a peat pot to take home. 

Ove the winter–particularly this winter, 100 inches of snow deep–we lose track of the people around us. It seems like every kid has grown several inches since we last really saw them in November. What a treat to get to sit under the shade of the big spruce tree and eat fruit and string cheese and just talk to the parents again.

Happy four-and-a-half-billionth birthday, World. Thanks for bringing us all to this perfect day.


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