my studio!

Recently, I decided to take a sabbatical from my CranioSacral practice, and that allowed me to change my work room into —a fibercraft studio!
Virginia Woolf really had something with that Room of One’s Own idea, I’ll tell you, It’s revolutionized my creative life to have my sewing machine, iron, yarn stash and some of the extensive fabric stash where I can use and reach them.
Exhibit A–the sewing machine area.Img_0142

Exhibit B–happy bamboo yarn in its new home.

Exhibit C–the shelves in the closet now hold my stacks-o-fabric…..Img_0118

Exhibit D–The cutting table in use.

Boy, am I a happy crafting mama now.



One thought on “my studio!

  1. It is beautiful to have a place of one’s own. Now that I have weaned my 2.5 year old, I am reclaiming my body as my own. It is a fabulous feeling.

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