Bubble Nest 2.0

Img_1963_375x500 I finished (Almost, except for actually finishing it!) my bubble nest sweater and while I love the colorwork pattern, the fit is too strange for me to love or even really like. I am so glad this one wasn’t knit on size 1 needles. The sweater is too long, though it has a really nice fit through the body. The sleeves are wide, drapey, and nice, but the purl edge rolls too much. The neckline was at first too wide, and then ended up being too small. Jaala and I both decided it would be perfect as a jacket. 

Before I could unravel it to reinvent it though, my cat decided to poop on it. Dude, so gross. He has a wool fetish, which is really unfortunate for me, the knitter of the family. I am unsure of how to proceed. The yarn I used is a bit fuzzy and I am afraid if I wash it that it will be really hard to frog. The problem with no washing?  It stinks. Yikes. I’ve stuffed it into a plastic bag in my cabinet until a future point when I have the strength to deal with it.

In the meantime I hooked myself up with new yarn in a bright, fresh colorway from the Knitting Tree.  Purple Malabrigo cuarzo and orange Crystal Palace Taos. So, so nice and bright. I am crImg_1967_500x374uising along on the jacket with a few modifications as I go along. I switched the border edging to a plain old garter stitch to give it some more structure, and I am working in some nice big buttonholes to accomadate huge, beautiful buttons. When I get over being bummed about the poop fiasco, I will rework my black and blue version as a jacket as well. The good news is that this sweater works up really quickly, and will be ready for our spring issue and to wear for a goodly amount of time before it gets too warm.



P.S.  I had to add a picture of Prince Fishy, my bubble nest muse.  Recently he has been building his nests underneath a leaf on the surface of his water so you can only see them if you look from underneath.  Fascinating.


2 thoughts on “Bubble Nest 2.0

  1. Oh yeah, that was my malabrigo test square that I did to see what sort of percentage it shrinks in each dimension upon felting in preparation for the best yoga bag ever. It ended up too big to be a pot holder but it’s good for Prince fishy’s swingin’ pad.

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