Our Etsy Store is up!

Hey there, our Etsy store is up and running.  Check it out.  The link is to the left under "Hook up with Knitcircus" if you want to check it out later.  It’s an easy way to get original patterns and issues of our magazine.

In case you haven’t been to Etsy yet, it is a treat.  Sit down with a nice cup of something warm and get ready for adventure. Etsy is an enormous site where artisans and craftspeople of all sorts sell their beautiful hand made items.  The first time I found Etsy, I went on the most exhilerating crafts binge ever.

In knitting news, when we were selling magazines and patterns at our latest craft fair, shopper after shopper asked for arm/wrist/handwarmers.  So last night I cast on with delicious SGreen_and_gold_s_charlestacy Charles Ritratto in green and gold (Mohair/viscose #5 needles).  Naturally, these will have some ruffles, hopefully some beads too, but will be streamlined enough for every day work and wear. I wear my elaborate Mrs. Beetons every day but end up feeling like Cinderella coming home from the ball half changed back out of the fancy gear and I feel like I need something a bit more low profile.21506_005


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