Lovin’ on all the fine LYSes out there

I’ve been inspired!  Inspired by a great night at my LYS.  Inspired by a beautiful bag I saw. Inspired by my store-bought sweater. Pictured is a design sketch for a bowl I want to knit/felt.  Maybe it will become a bag – who knows, that part is still in the air.  I’m so glad I got out yesterday and came home with all these new ideas.


Recently, I have been calling yarn shops all round the country, and
exploring many more via the web in order to get promo copies of Koi Knitting
out to the world beyond our local distribution web.

The result of my research and calls is that I wish I had a
year to travel from shop to shop. In a
world where many (most) of the businesses around us are part of a corporate
empire, it is so wonderful to be able to spend my dollars in locally-owned,
family-run yarn shops. Each has a unique feel and atmosphere that sets them apart from the rest. They really are
special and we are lucky to have them to support our craft.*

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and yes, I do order
yarns online sometimes, but nothing beats going to my LYS and feeling/sniffing/coordinating the yarn. There is no substitute
for what I can get at a shop when I’m designing new garments and pieces. The
colors of the fibers, the combinations, the feel…..all of that is essential to
my experience and I can’t get that online. All of my best ideas and designs have come after physically being in the LYS. It’s all about the full sensory
experience. Another reason to celebrate
and support our LYSes.

Last night, hanging out with friends at the Sow’s Ear was
unbeatable. There was amazing, intense
knitting energy all around us. We made
new friends, saw some great FO’s and just plain enjoyed the community. That’s what it’s all about and what can’t
ever be replaced by a website or a big box store.

We must not feel guilt for the amount of money we spend  locally at our favorite shops. We are
encouraging a healthy local economy, independent enterprise, and our own creativity! We are part of something important
there. Yes, yes, yes to the LYS!


*Readers, if you have a favorite LYS,
drop us a note so we can send them promo copies of Koi Knitting. Thanks!

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