Well, Jaala and I are off to the Sow’s Ear for a night of knitting and
coffee. They have a late night knit
night on Friday’s and it is the place to be. I got my Java Jacket
done just in time.  I made it using Heather Black’s pattern straight out of our premiere
issue of Koi, knit with Rowan Tapestry (soy/wool). Since enough is never enough for me, I also sewed on some of my favorite
freshwater pearl beads. I haven’t found
a needle or crochet hook yet that fits these teeny tiny holes so it was old
fashioned hand threading for me. Thanks Heather for the pattern, I love my Java Jacket.


We’ll have a raffle tonight for a few issues of Koi, along
with a knitting bag from Ah May Designs. Fun stuff.


For the future, there is so much in the works. I have design sketches done for several new
patterns. When I find my scanner (Hidden
under a heap most likely) I’ll show them to you. I have yarns picked out and I am now in the
process of drafting some preliminary patterns. We are talking a bag, a bowl,
tapestry style upholstery for a chair, and more!

Designing my own patterns is a lot of fun, though I feel
like a leaf blowing in the wind – always changing direction and not totally in
control of the process. I don’t mind,
it’s fun to see a pattern evolve and grow into the final garment. In general, that’s the sort of thing that
draws me to fiber arts – the element contributed by the fibers themselves, that
we don’t control – that makes each finished piece unique and wild.


Img_1517_500x374YARN– the original wedding ring *replacement!

*(No wedding rings were lost during filming of this piece.  Well, er, maybe just misplaced….. briefly cough cough…)

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