photo shoot!

We couldn’t have asked for a sunnier, more inviting day for the Koi photoshoot!
We found an enclosed English-garden area in the city gardens, trucked out lots of knitwear, hot chocolate, kids and marshmallows, and got into the holiday spirit.
The kids got into the marshmallows.

Bonus holiday decoration and a mitten you Koi readers have seen before!

And I even went so far as to paint my nails for this. It surprises me every time I catch a glimpse of them, but feels kind of glamorous. Since glam isn’t the first word that leaps to mind when describing my life generally, I’m enjoying it.
I was hand-modeling the wristwarmer, don’cha know.

The Holiday issue gets bigger every day. Erika and I have each churned out a new pattern or three for the issue already; a deadline really gets the creativity ticking! Of course, I had all kinds of ideas about what else I would finish in time for today, including making myself a new skirt, finishing three hats ( I almost made it on that one! Two-and-two-thirds there….) and all kinds of other never-going to-get-done kind of stuff.

I want to make that skirt, though. Note to self–must have a Holiday party to wear it to this year.

Okay, tired, but happy about the shoot. oxox Jaala


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