good news!

Koi Knitting is moving forward in leaps and bounds–in the last two weeks, two LYS’s have agreed to carry our zine! The yarn manager at the Sow’s Ear even told us she’d submit a pattern.
We’re planning a release party for November 10th, so mark your calendars….
The updated Premiere version of Koi will include winter holiday projects and recipes, plus a new sewing tutorial, a techniques article and several bonus patterns (people who kindly supported us the first time around will find a bonus supplement in the mail before Thanksgiving).
You’ll also find a beautiful, shiny paper surface instead of the hand-pasted look of yore. We liked the idea, but in practice, it took way too much precious crafting time to paste them all individually. So, laser-printing, here we come!

We’re feeling some love from knitters who have the zine, most generously from graymama, who’s made an enticing vlog about MLM, Koi and the Naughty Needles book.  Hey, the NN link–that’s a fun site. Free patterns, too!

So, we’ve been running marathons, (okay, Erika’s been running another one. She didn’t feel satisfied with the mere 18 miles she ran in Chicago), writing new patterns, watching free bubble juggling shows (me, while Erika ran the marathon. Hey, I did bike all the way there–so did my four-year-old), enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, writing new patterns and practicing our favorite cookies to share with you.

In other knitting news–

FInally, a FO for the Strikke-Along! The only problem is, I have Second Mitten syndrome something fierce. I turn away whenever I see the ziploc bag with the one mitten and sunny-colored yarn.
Why is the first one so fun, and the second so dang boring? 
Even something as cheerful as this one?
Must be some kind of knitting machismo, like we only want the challenge, and then we don’t care. It’s like we want all the excitement of a one-night-stand with a new pattern, but then wish our little sailor would go back out to sea.

Another FOImg_0051
, just a peek:
I wrote up the pattern for this one and you’ll be able to see it in the Holiday Koi! I even wrote it in three sizes, and I’m knitting another one for my kid to test the pattern, so it’ll be tried and true by November.

Holy buckets, I see a third FO. Has it been that long!?Img_0026

Little C’s Birthday sweater, only three weeks late. She gratifies me no end by wearing this sweater whenever she gets the chance.
This was the Swish Superwash yarn we dyed, on #7 needles, using the EZ Yoke Sweater percentages from Knitting Without Tears. I added the ruffle and the fancy ribbing at the cuffs and blue yoke section, whcih this photo obscures nicely.
Yes, she has a little cut in her nose–don’t embarrass her by letting on that you saw it!

And that’s all for today–
I’m off to work on a pom-pom craft project with our little sweater girl…


One thought on “good news!

  1. What would we do without the Sow’s Ear?!
    Congrats ladies!!! I am so happy to hear that the zine is taking off 🙂 I know I just ate my copy up!
    Is it too late to add a review of Naughty Needles? I have one written up. teehee

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