The Strikke-along is my first foray into KAL-land! It’s fun to know other people are casting on colorwork and running with it, too.

Here’s another pic of my mitten-in-progress.Img_0316

It’s going slowly, mostly because both Mike and I are sick, though he’s had a fever for the last two days, and my head’s remained cool. Relatively speaking, anyway. This virus just seems to knock you to the couch and leave you with a dry, achy throat for way longer than necessary.

This morning, before the kids came home, I did have a nice look-through of Poetry in Stitches again. I decided that my next project, assuming I can finish these mittens and DD’s sweater within a month, will be gloves for my mom’s Xmas present, using a rose pattern from that book and the hand-dyed yarns I made last spring. The background will feature variegated  blues and purples, with the rose in pink. My mom loves those kinds of colors.

Knit on, strikke-ers….

4 thoughts on “KAL

  1. Oh, pretty colors. I love orange. Can’t wait to see what you do with the patterns from Poetry in Stitches. It’s fascinating to see how people adapt patterns they love.

  2. I saw a picture of someone wearing orange mitts with a green coat a while back, and have had a hankering for orange mitts ever since. And that looks like a lot of progress on your mittens for someone who’s sick!

  3. I love your colors. To size up one sock, use larger needles. The pattern called for 2.75’s but I used 3.25’s because I was afraid they wouldn’t stretch. So far, they seem to be ok. I just finished the heel and am working down the foot and as soon as I can try it on I will make sure it fits. I don’t know what I will do if it doesn’t. Find someone with a smaller foot…

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