Preview Pre-Order

Woohoo! Erika and I tag-teamed the project, and we’ve got Koi Knitzines printed and almost ready to go!

Each issue is 36 pages long, 8×11, with different kinds of yarn for the hand-sewn binding. Erika attached beads to the long yarn tails so that you can use them as a bookmark to help find your favorite pattern. The issue contains: five knitting patterns, three craft projects, a Fair Isle graph, two featured fiber artists, articles, book reviews, recipes, comics and a Knitter’s Stretch.  We lovingly hand-paste the color pictures into each zine.

All proceeds benefit Kiva, which gives microloans to people in economically depressed areas, helping them gain financial stability.

Right now, we have thirty copies printed, ready for the first people who order! Expect them to be mailed in the next couple of weeks as each one is individually finished.  They’re five dollars, and you can use the MLM paypal button here (bottom of the page). Just write ‘Koi’ in your email, and make sure to give us your snail mail address!
If you prefer to send a check, you can send it to the MLM address listed, again telling us it’s the knitzine you want!


One thought on “Preview Pre-Order

  1. I am SO excited!!! but I tried to do the paypal button and it was going to charge me $12. I can do $5, if I tell Hubby what it is for (we are EXTREMELY short on cash right now), but $12 might be a little hard to swallow. What should I do to get my fingers on the knitting goodness? 🙂

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