Well, we had our first day of kindegarten too.  Also, Middle Daughter had her first day of preschool.  Phew, it is enough to make a mama want to sneak to the school and peek in the windows at 10AM to make sure all is going well. 

Jaala and I have joked about this day.  How we were going to sit back on the couch, pick up a good book, and eat decadent chocolates.  Then we’d laugh and say how really we probably would end up doing work, or cleaning, or something equally unremarkable.

My day turned out to be a big, surprising, sucess.  Both for my big girls and for me.  I had no chocolate on hand, but I got to read my book, while I got baby A to sleep for her 2+ hour nap(!!!YEAH!!!).  Then I sat down at the computer and finished writing up my pattern for the vest I am submitting to Knitty’s winter issue.  I am surprised how hard it is to write out a pattern.  Definately a learning experience and a whole separate blog post for later.  I also got some work done on a few pieces for a project Jaala and I have in the works.  Shhhhhh, more to come very soon, I promise!

Here is a pic of the girls with their back to school bracelets, hearts with a Kiss from Mama on their wrists, courtesy of Kim, a friend of Jaala and mine.



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