My Summer Vacation

We spent last week at the Little House by the Little Lake, and visited bunches of the Huz’s relatives. UnfortunatelyImg_0068
, we got rain and clouds for three of our lake days, but nothing daunted, Grandpa took the kids out fishing every afternoon.

Since fishing ain’t my bag, baby, that meant I got to stay on shore alone for a couple of hours. Of course, I couldn’t rest until I finished Harry Potter 7, and then, well, I read most of it over again, but I worked my way through a bunch of Natalie Goldberg’s book Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life and even did several writing stints. One is a secret project that I’ll likely post here later; one turned out to be about the giant banana split my dad made when I was a kid.
Since we spent a fair amount of time in the car shuttling back and forth, I got a bunch done on my Bamboo Shrug, and finished a color swatch for my Mom’s Xmas present. It didn’t totally convince me, so I’ll have to work up another one. Dang.
Now that August came, I feel a gnawing need to get some holiday projects under my belt, especially since we’re on a tight gift budget this year.  Last year, I stayed on top of things and had my first big project done by the end of July, Boy, that felt good. I guess I can’t expect to be that organized every year…. But the name of the game is hand-knitted and hand-sewn gifts without buying much extra supplies. Img_0010_2

Stash busting, here I come!

* * * some sewn FO’s * * *

My blue dress. It’s finished except the bottom hem. Somehow, it’s easy to put off that final step.

I also made some napkins, inspired by Bend the Rules Sewing. This orange fabric has been waiting for years in the stash for the right project to come along.Img_0020
The set has four napkins, but my family got excited and started using the first one right away, so it missed its big photo op while getting washed.

* * *

Erika and I have been thinking and planning about ways to use knitting to help other people, as well as have fun ourselves, and we’re working on a new project together. More news about that soon!
Over and out,


2 thoughts on “My Summer Vacation

  1. You’re absolutely right. I think I heard at one point that he had developed hundreds of voices to read the series. I love the way he does Hermione.
    Of course, it’s fun to listen while knitting or sewing…..usually it’s the Huz who’ll start listening in the evenings, and I just grab my knitting and sit on the couch.

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