What with the kids, the Huz, the knitting, etc., I just don’t blog about the cats generally–they’ve gotten pretty far down the blog chain. But who can refuse this?
I walk into the bedroom with the camera to snap a Finished Object. No cat in sight. I put the hat on the bed.
And: Action!


PS If Rain looks a bit funky, it’s because he recently got a summer haircut; he just can’t live with all of the fluff otherwise…–Jaala


One thought on “Typical

  1. Oh Jaala, it is so funny, when I looked at the second picture, I didn’t see it as a picture of her whole body, I just saw a big paw and I was so confused. Did you knit a teensy hat? Was it a rabbit nosewarmer done in fair isle? Oh so funny. But I figured it out. Go vet lady haha.

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