Last year, after watching An Inconvenient Truth, Mike and I went out and bought a cherry tree. We had been actually planning to do it before we watched the film, since we enjoyed a brief, childfree afternoon, but certainly felt it was a good action to take that day.

Last week, the little tree, which we had swathed in netting to keep birds from eating the crop, produced way more fruit than we had ever expected from such a wee thing.Img_0183

So one bright afternoon, the kids and I sallied forth to pick them all.  The smallness of the tree meant that it was a perfect height for the kids to pick without hurting themselves or the branches. I marveled at how red the cherries looked–I always assumed the pie cherries in cans had been marinated in Red #5, but, dang, it was natural beauty.
As soon as we’d taken all of the ripe ones, my parents pulled up to the house next door, keeping the kids busy long enough for me to make these:Img_0019

Last year, I made similar ones with the cherries from my dad’s tree, using a sugar-cookie base for the tarts, but this year, since I can’t eat sugar, I went for a traditional piecrust instead (the Betty Crocker Cookbook recipe. In baked goods, Betty’s never steered me wrong). Naturally, the filling needs plenty of sugar, ‘cuz pie cherries are tart, man! I may have actually thrown caution to the winds, and eaten one of these with unsweetened whipped cream.  Two more tarts I took over to Ms. C’ and Mr. D’s house as thanks for lending me their cherry pitter. What a fine invention! What fine people.

As I hurried back to the house, reflecting on their fineness, I remembered—it must have been only a year ago that the blogless, but savvy Ms. C told me about the Yarn Harlot and her hilarious blog. She’d hooked me by saying that Stephanie had made a funny post about her own Montmorency cherry tree (Ms. C and family also grow several fruit trees, cherry among them). That link may not exactly work, but the entry was from July 5th, I believe. We speculated together on whether our neighbors with a similarly plentiful cherry crop last year would share Ms. Harlot’s generous attitude if we scootched a stepstool up to their tree.

But, wow. It’s hard to believe that knitblogs only entered my life a year ago. Another present from the internet, my great neighbor, and lots of creative and skilled people out there.

Oh, and about my own craftiness–I finished a knitting project (whew, I was kinda drowning in WIP’s, not that one makes a huge difference, I suppose)….but have no pics yet.
But I did finish some more sewing–this is the first of the Upstairs Sewing Projects to see daylight:Img_0040

Buddy’s marble-pattern shorts, fabric from a quilting store in Baraboo, whose name I can’t remember. His hand is covering it, but these shorts feature two deep side pockets. I was kinda proud of those.

BTW, today marks my and Mike’s sixth wedding anniversary! The kids and I were out at my parents’ this morning and visited the wedding site. The commemorative rock is still there.



2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! MLM has pushed me forward on my journey of life more than once ❤
    Happy Belated Anniversary!
    Those cherries look scrumptious. We had tomatoes last year, but blight took them 😦 This year I have been the flower planting goddess instead. Buddy likes getting his hands dirty and running in the sprinkler, too 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m a regular reader now! You’re on my Bloglines list and everything. In fact, I really wanted to comment on your “In an Instant…” entry–that sounded scary. I’m glad everyone’s okay now.
    It really pops my toast to hear that MLM has gotten you going. Our readers, being moms, are generally too busy to let us know how they liked the zine. 😉
    Way to go on the flower planting. Eating veggies/fruits is good, but flowers give you a lot of pleasure without making you feel like you have to make salsa or a freezerful of zucchini bread….
    xoxo Jaala

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