What season is it?

This spring weather could give you whiplash–yesterday warm, today freezing, in the forties again. I hear tomorrow brings hot temps again, but for today, I’ve got this:Img_0074

The Fanciful Hat, in Berkshire Bulky yarn, from WEBS/Valley Yarns.  The pattern has a flat pillbox top, but I might change it yo Ye Olde Regular Hat style.  Maybe if we watch a movie in the next couple of days, I could get it done, though it does need a fair bit of chart-reading…

In the same woolly vein, yesterday I cast on the sleeve of my Leaf Lace sweater.  I hope to finish the whole darn thing before snow flies again.

As we get the house next door ready for my parents to move in, we’ve been consolidating the Knitting Library, and my mom brought over a bag of books yesterday. In there was one I’d never seen before, Kaffe Fassett’s Family Album. Li’l Buddy shares my aesthetic for piling on the color, and he and I pored over it together. He’s definitely getting a Squares pullover for Xmas.

Okay, over and out, the kids are watching a movie and I’m going to take a few minutes to knit.

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