The blue-purple yarn popped my toast so much that I jumped on the carousel again.

This time, I used a tablet of pink easter-egg dye, but after it started heating in the pan, I panicked because I didn’t like the shade it turned. In what may not have been the brightest thing ever done by a knitter, I grabbed a can of beets from the back of our cupboard and dumped the juice in there. It contained salt, too, so a natural fixative, right? 
Since I wanted a variegated effect, I actually poured the beet juice into the pyrex cup at first, but after letting it simmer a while, decided I really didn’t like the original shade and carefully dumped the juice and yarn into the main pot.

My skeining and drying skills improved a bit since the last episode–this time I carefully noted the location of the ends and kept the thing from tangling while drying (on my bicycle handlebars in the garage; the whole wet-wool-beet smell overwhelmed the senses fast).

The final product makes me pretty happy; can’t wait to make some lace out of this little candy ball.

Specs: Knitpicks bare: 70% wool, 30% silk laceweight
Dyed with: Easter egg dye and beet juice
Fixative: vinegar and salt.

Oh, and the lovely gift tags in the fancy container–my prize from the Yarn Swap! I secretly wanted those.



2 thoughts on “

  1. Oh it’s scrumptious. I can’t wait to see it in person.
    I will crawl out from under my rock soon. I promise.
    Have much to blog about!

  2. OK, I just have to add, the little label attached to the yarn for some reason always makes me think it is a packet of birth control pills. Each time I look at that picture of the luscious pink, I’m asking, “Why does she have birth control next to the yarn”
    I think I need some sleep hehe.

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