That Sweater

So many luscious sweater patterns out there that hug every curve–Sahara comes to mind, and my first sweater love, Tubey–but when I myself wear a sweater, 80% of the time it’s Mike’s old olive-drab one. It’s warm and cozy, and fits over all of my shirts. In the spring, I wear it to garden; in the fall, to walk around the block with the kids; in the winter, over pajamas as I knit in the evenings.  So when I decided to make myself a real sweater, I wanted to make a more feminine, but still chunky and warm, version of That Sweater.Img_0005

The clear winner in that category– Teva Durham’s Leaf Lace Pullover, from her book. I’m using the excerpt pattern printed in the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits. While the kids were away, Mike and I unleashed our inner geeks and watched all three Lord of the Rings films, so it’s progressed pretty fast.  This pic shows just the twisted-rib border, but after three nights of movies, I’ve made it through the bottom section and started the top. This sweater features interesting construction–you make the lower 9 inches, then start the neck, join it for a while, then split it where the sleeves attach and knit it flat (that’s where I am right now). When that part’s done, they’ll get grafted together right in the middle.

With big needles, it’s going pretty fast. I can’t wait to have a That Sweater of my very own.


One thought on “That Sweater

  1. I can’t wait to see it finished. It won’t be long Jaala. I’m glad you have another copy of the pattern. LOL can you guess what I will be reading tonight haha.

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