Going green

Img_0065Ooh, bamboo… My new Royal Bamboo arrived two days ago, and I can hardly stop looking at its shine and stroking the soft, drapey strands….

It’s like magic! How can a woody plant make this stuff? And it’s a renewable resource to boot!?

I started working up the auction scarf in a leaf lace pattern, which, for me, takes a lot of furrowing my brow staring at the chart. I found out, though, that bamboo is a splitty mistress. My neighbor, Ms. C, who works at out LYS and has been knitting since way before it got famous, warned me that she had a friend who tried the bamboo and got discouraged by the splits. After a repeat-and-a-half,  I had to  agree. The splits made my lace look bad, even when I followed the chart to a T.
Okay, turns out that I had been reading the chart backwards, but still, it would have looked a lot better without the stray threads in the middle of the YO holes….
So I started again, with a plain moss-stitch bordered scarf. Even if it does split, I just want to keep the bamboo by my side for always.


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